Are there still available pitches at the campsite?

Yes! We have available pitches for the whole season. So no worries – we will find you a vacant pitch when you arrive.

If you prefer a specific pitch you may create a reaservation/booking in advance.

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Can I update my arrival date or length of stay?

Arrival without a reservation

You are always welcome to arrive without a reservation and choose from any free pitches we might have.

Booking and changing a reservation

If you want to book your stay in advance, then that reservation applies to our normal Terms and Conditions which include that you are always free to move a camping reservation to a different arrival date free of charge. Also you always have the option to extend your stay in advance, upon arrival or during you stay, to the extend that we have available space. Please send us an email if you wish to update your reservation.

Changing your place

If upon arrival you find an even better pitch on the campsite, you are always welcome to choose a different pitch if available. 

Huts and Glamping tents

For the terms for Cabins and Glamping tents please see our Terms and Conditions.

Any other questions? See our FAQ for more help!

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Cirkus at the campsite for the whole family with magic and fun animals

Cirkus “Fire and Flame” is visiting Vammen Camping from sunday July 31st to saturday august 6th!!
Jens aka. “The Wizard of Samsø” is making a number of small performances in the common room with the open fire place in that period. The main performance in the cirkus tent will take place tuesday August 2nd. There will be entertainment for both adults and children with everything from Jens’ potbellied pig to vanishing magic tricks! There is free access for campers at the campsite.

Cirkus Flamme

Preparing for the 2016 season

The Nature here keep surprising us. This spring we have often had several hundred beautiful swans in the lake in front of the campsite.

Among other we have refurnished our information and shop with antique lamps and watercolor paintings from the campsite.

The wifi has been improved, e.g. at the sauna and the pavilion. So now you can relax in a quiet corner next to the lake shore and the sauna and read a book online or sit by the fire in the youth pavilion and find the right song text.

The outdoor area has received a lot of love and care. Especially the area down by the lake is even more beautiful now and with great lake view when camping close to the lake.

We look forward to see our guest for a fantastic spring and summer here in Vammen.

Furnishing the information and kiosk

The information and kiosk

Beautiful water color paintings in the kiosk


Spring view of the camp site at sunset.

Swans on the lake

Happy new year

Harm-Wulfs sunflowers decided not to bloom until October – and the we and the last bees enjoyed the sight.

After a busy fall we are looking forward to welcome you to a new season with an even better view of the lake – especially from the camping area directly next to the lake where we have also created a little area for hammocks at the beach.

We wish all camping friends a happy new year and we look forward to see you all for another fantastic summer in 2016.

Anine and Harm-Wulf





Summer, drumgrill and big band

It has been some good summer days with nice weather and swimming campers in the lake. We have been enjoying the atmosphere in the common room with the fireplace and among others we have had the dutch student band Big Band Groover as campers. They enjoyed the musical community on the camp site and played at the raft by the lake. Also notice the snaredrum that has been transformed into at grill 🙂

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Pentecost was great!

The season has begun with good weather, lots of activities and atmosphere in the first weekends of May. As something new we had a danish christmas dinner with Danish reasted pork, brown potatoes, red cabbage and brown gravy followed by Danish rice dessert with almonds as dessert. Below are some pictures from the last few weekends in May.

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New improved WiFi

The internet connection has been upgraded and the old accesspoint has now been replaced by a number of new accesspoints distributed over the area. For the technically interested people, the network now has IPv6 (the next generation internet).