Preparing for the 2016 season

The Nature here keep surprising us. This spring we have often had several hundred beautiful swans in the lake in front of the campsite.

Among other we have refurnished our information and shop with antique lamps and watercolor paintings from the campsite.

The wifi has been improved, e.g. at the sauna and the pavilion. So now you can relax in a quiet corner next to the lake shore and the sauna and read a book online or sit by the fire in the youth pavilion and find the right song text.

The outdoor area has received a lot of love and care. Especially the area down by the lake is even more beautiful now and with great lake view when camping close to the lake.

We look forward to see our guest for a fantastic spring and summer here in Vammen.

Furnishing the information and kiosk

The information and kiosk

Beautiful water color paintings in the kiosk


Spring view of the camp site at sunset.

Swans on the lake