• [:da] Hele familien spiller Kapow - et sjovt familiespil med stor underholdningsværdi [:en] The whole family is playing Kapow - a fun family game wich is very entertaining [:de] Die ganze Familie spielt Kapow - ein lustiges Familienspiel [:nl] De hele familie speelt Kapow - een leuk familiespel[:]

At Vammen Camping there is a rich opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself, and a bit more could happen then unspoiled nature and birds singing from the tree tops.

Besides a number of attractions in the area and facilities, such as beach volleyball, ping-pong, swimming in the lake and play grounds etc., we arrange a number of various activities for all ages.

On the bulletin board next to the office, you can see a plan for the activites for the next few days. Most activities are included in the accommodation price and therefore do not cost extra.

We have a large selection of activites, such as:



  • Treasure hunt
  • Singing games
  • Childrens music evening, where children make music with each other
  • Bread on a stick
  • We collect materials in the nature – playing and creating something fun with what is collected
  • We create patterns in the nature and create pictures.
  • Creative playing with paper
  • Storytelling by the open fireplace
  • Come and build your own rthym instrument

All ages


  • Olympic games
  • Beach volley and football tournament
  • Vammen sports challenge (“micro duatlon”)
  • Tour de terrassen
  • Raft tour
  • Guided hike
  • Choir (also for beginners)
  • Various hobby activities
  • Kapow on the sports area
  • Candle founding – make your own candle
  • Make your own soap
  • Needlework hour by the open fireplace
  • Learn to crochet a key ring figure/animal
  • Tai chi by the beach
  • Instructions in djembe drum playing


Some of the courses are prepared by us, as an activity, while others are “do-it-yourself”, where children and adults can take part of the cooking process.

  • Pizza baking – bring your own ingredients. We prepare the dough in a form and bake it in the big oven
  • We smoke gold trouts in our own smoking chamber in the open fireplace room
  • Danish meatball soup
  • Good meaty sausages in the open fireplace room
  • Home-baked waffles with ice cream and home-made fruit sauce
  • Home-made danish apple cake
  • Make your own viking müsli (breakfast)
  • Pancakes (arranged by the campers themselves, we supply the ingredients)
  • Learn to make danish speciality “smørrebrød” (open face sandwich) – and the rest of the family can eat aftwards
  • Every morning from half past eight: Home-baked organic bread rolls

Ideas for new activities are always welcome!