Safely book your stay at Vammen Camping!

If you are unable to travel to Vammen Camping due to Covid-19 restrictions, you are eligable to a full refund.

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Fine print: Applicable if you are unable to enter Denmark from Germany or The Netherlands on the date of your original booking, even though you and your co-travellers:
 - Can document to that you are fully vaccinated according to the rules in Denmark (and Germany if you are transiting from NL)
 - Can document a Covid-19 test according to the rules in Denmark (and Germany if you are transiting from NL)
 - Have not recently been sick with Covid-19
 - Are generally healthy and show no somatic symptoms, that would impose travel restrictions

Travelers from The Netherlands may need to fill out transit papers in order to transit through Germany.
We may ask for documentation for the above in order to be able process to the refund.

Before the season opens, this page will be updated with information on any Covid-19 restrictions.

We open as planned on April 29th.

The common room with the open fire place is open, but restrictions on the total number of persons in the room may apply.

The sanitation building will be cleaned an disinfected according to the governments guidelines.

The danish government offers free PCR tests for tourists in Viborg (20 min. from the campsite). If you wish to make use of that offer we can help you with further information.

You may enter Denmark and return home without any quarantine (read below for further details).

Crossing the border to Denmark

The restrictions upon crossing the border to Denmark loosens more and more. The key points are listed below:

OBS: Children under the age of 15 are exempt from the rules for a coronapas / test.

Free entry into Denmark without further restrictions, if you have either; a negative Covid-19 test (PCR: max. 72h old or antigen/quicktest: Max 48h old), antibodies after an infection or have been vaccinated.

Transit through Germany from the Netherlands to Denmark

More info to come.

Transit through Germany from Denmark to the Netherlands

More info to come.

Free testing in Denmark

If you are a dutch resident entering Denmark and are not vaccinated or having antibodies after an infection, then you must be tested within 24 hours of entry into Denmark. This is free for everyone, including residents of The Netherlands. Please note that Children under the age og 15 are exempt from the rules of testing.

How to get tested: Register your self on and show up with your smartphone or a printout of the barcode from the website.

Where to be tested: There is a quick test center in (For a complete list of test centers in Denmark click here):

  • 9 km distance (Antigen/quicktest): Tjelevej 9, 8830 Tjele. Opening hours: Every day 9-19 (weekends are open too).
  • 17 km distance (PCR test): Vinkelvej 20, 8800 Viborg. Opening hours: Every day 9-20 (weekends are open too).

We are more than happy to help you with the website and how to get to a local testcenter.

Reentry into The Netherlands from Denmark

More info to come.

Reentry into Germany from Denmark

More info to come.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Last updated Jan. 15th 2022.