We are open from May 1st to September 30th and will follow ongoing instructions from the authorities.  The following precautions are outlined below.  This page will be updated as guidelines change.

Upon arrival at the campsite, there will be signage regarding the precautions to be followed at all times.  Please note that we are available to answer questions about our handling of the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Border openings

The danish borders will be open for tourist living in Germany, Iceland and Norway from June 15th. In order to cross the border you will need a confirmation from us for your stay at Vammen Camping (please contact us and we will send you one.).


The sanitation building will be cleaned and serviced more frequently.  In addition to scheduled cleaning, we will regularly disinfect contact surfaces such as handles, toilet seats and switches.  There can only be a maximum of 10 people at one time in each room.  This means max of 10 people in camping kitchens and bathing facilities.  Individuals who are not from the same pitch/household, please keep the required distance from others.

Open fire room and reception

Maximum of 5 guests in the reception area at one time.  Beginning from May 18th the open fire room is open again.


We continue to bake organic rolls.  For hygienic reasons, orders can only be made via sms or in the reception area.  See details at reception.

Outdoor stay

No more than 10 people may assemble at any time in any area, both indoors and outdoors.  This means that on the beach, on the raft or on the playgrounds, etc., no more than 10 people can assemble in that area.  The restriction also applies to the pitch.  There can be no more than 10 people at any time on any pitch.

Last updated May 29th 2020